Established in 1984

Sales, Service and Parts for Clay Target Machines

Clay target machine sales

and repair services

Tyler Trap Repair Center has been in business since 1984. Tyler Stewart, owner of Tyler Trap Repair, takes great pride in serving the clay target industry. Tyler Trap Repair provides excellence in clay target trap service. Each customer gets the most utmost attention should any problems arise with their machines. As a lifelong member of the National Skeet and Sporting Clays Associations (NSSA & NSCA), Tyler understands the importance of quality, reliable equipment for both commercial club and personal use.

Laporte Machines

Thousands of machines leave Laporte’s factory each year for delivery to the world. Their quality, durability and performance are the best. They speak louder than words and demonstrate the engagement taken by the company for over 80 years.

Lincoln Machines

Lincoln Traps was founded in 1988 in Lebanon, PA. They have built a tradition that started with their rugged manual traps and have continued that same tradition of quality workmanship and service with their Infinity line of automatic traps.

Reconditioned Machines

Tyler Trap Center purchases, repairs, reconditions, and sells used machines. We are qualified to repair and service a variety of clay target machines including: Beomat, Laporte, Lincoln, Superstar, Winchester Western, and a variety of other makes and models. 

Spare Parts

We have in stock and ready to ship spare parts for a variety of makes and models of clay target machines.

Contact Tyler Trap Repair

Tyler Stewart

4839 Justin Drive

Dryden, MI 48428

Cell: (810) 338 – 3242


Reconditioned Traps

The following reconditioned traps are currently available for purchase from Tyler Trap Repair:


  • Laporte Skeet Sets – 110v- 400 Target Magazine- Wireless Release System- Adjustable Base
  • Laporte Single Arm Rabbit Trap- 110 Volt- Wireless Release System
  • Superstar Gmv Atm Trap Machine- 110v- 550 Target Magazine- Single Or Doubles
  • Laporte Trap Machne -110v- 400 Target Magazine- Horizontal Movement